InvoSystems provides enterprise  consulting, design, delivery, implementation, testing, training  and project management services related to Big Data & IoT and supports customers and partners in the region.

InvoSystems undertakes projects and consulting services for customers in BFSI, Telecom, Healthcare, Government, Energy, Oil & Gas, Retail, Smart Nation and Smart Campus.

InvoSystems offers solutions to implement a pilot / POC system and upgrade to a large cluster in future to process large unstructured and structured data.

Big Data Services

Big Data & IoT

BigData :  Who Benefits 

BigData is all about business users using the open source technology to get the business Insights to solve the business problems and/or to achieve business goals.

BigData is dependent on data which has 3 primary contributors like Volume (size), Velocity (speed) and Variety (data types). The data is normally classified as Structured (Databases, excel etc), Unstructured (social media, clickstream, video, audio, search etc)  and Semi-structured (xml,CDR,logs etc).

InvoSystems can assist customers and partners to design  and setup large hadoop cluster to process large amount data in TeraBytes or PetaBytes.



      What is  Big Data

Strategic Decision-Makers : Investment and Capacity Planning
Sales : New sales, VAS, Competitive Advantage
Customer Services: Customer Satisfaction, Quality Improvement, Customer Churn
Marketing & Communications: Brand Building and Loyalty
Security, Intelligence & Investigation Agencies: Counter Terrorism, Communal Harmony, Internal & External Security Threats, AML
Supply Chain & Logistics : Near Instant Manufacturing or Shelf replacement
Product Development: New Products, Durability, Parts, Quality
Finance:Investment and Revenue Assurance

InvoSystems provides the following consulting, design and implementation services

Road Map from Data warehouse to Hadoop / Big Data
Industry Domain Use Cases
Industry expertise-BFSI, Telecom, Retail, Government
Design, Consulting & Training
Hadoop platform implementation
Design, Develop and Delivery 
ETL, Data Migration, Modelling and Optimization
Predictive Analytics, BI, Analytics & Dashboards
Testing Services
Project Management 
Big Data Infrastructure Support Services