Customer : Technology

eTraining content developement to train APAC trainers and users of  world's leading MNC bank on Corporate Banking applications. The centralised content development helped the bank to roll out training programs over portal and offline  access and thus benefited in faster application use by APAC users

Deployed high-end servers and hardware infrastucture and softwares like SMS, MOM at different sites for a major financial institution and their customers  at 13 sites.
Undertaken Server Consolidation,  Network Deployment & Audits

Developed CDR  (Call Data Record) analysis system using Java and unix platform which analysed initially 30Million records   to generate various business reports  and for Revenue management for Mobile and Fixed Line Telecom operator. 

Custom developed online portal for access over internet and intranet to support coaches and atheletes to mange various sports related activities, international competitions, bugeting, individual performance tracking and training venue management etc

Product based implementation of esales system for a major telecom company to train the trainers and sales agents/partners to train on sales techniques like upsell, switch-sell, product/services , VAS  features and track the training for further sales kit fine tuning.

Custom developed Total Farming system to launch product marketing campaigns targeting large customer base  across APAC has been deployed. The system facilitates campaign planning  by accessing large amount of APAC sales data records of a  major MNC  I.T company

Deployed various products, projects for customers like
-Portal with Content Management
-Metadata based Search Engines
-APAC Budget Approval System
-SMB marketing Portals
-Helpdesk and Support Systems
-Intranet Knowledgebase Portal

Product based full suite of eTraining and Certification portal  has been implemented as part of Partner Academy including virtual classroom to cater for a user base of 20,000 across APAC  in 5 languages like English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese  etc.  

Custom developed non-CRM portal for 200 Telesales agents and integrated with 12 internal legacy system for campaign planning.  The system integrates with various legacy systems like pricing, client details, document repositories, legacy excel based data and generates various business reports

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 Apps development
Customer : Telecom

Customer : Telecom

Customer : BFSI

Customer : Technology

Customer : Technology

Apps development & Product Implementation
Customer: BFSI,Techology